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About Asha Consultancy

Established in 1995, Asha Consultancy Services (ACS) has emerged as a leading figure in the realm of Engineering Consultancy. Boasting a collective of adept professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds in Engineering Services, Business Process Outsourcing, and Information Technology, ACS stands at the forefront of innovation and expertise. Through its journey, ACS has solidified its position as a reliable and esteemed entity, renowned for its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. The company’s extensive repertoire of services seamlessly integrates engineering prowess with cutting-edge technological solutions, offering clients a holistic approach to their diverse needs. With a robust foundation built upon years of industry experience, ACS continues to spearhead transformative initiatives, delivering impactful solutions that drive progress and success for its clientele.

ACS stands out for its access to a select group of experts, sourced from prestigious institutions both in India and internationally. This diverse talent pool brings a broad spectrum of perspectives and deep industry insights to the table. Harnessing this collective wealth of knowledge and experience, ACS consistently achieves outstanding outcomes for its clients. By delivering on its promises and exceeding expectations, the company has earned the trust and respect of key players in the industry. Through the successful execution of projects for prominent clients, ACS has solidified its standing as a dominant player in the field of engineering consultancy. This proven track record serves as a testament to ACS’s unwavering dedication to excellence and its ability to consistently deliver superior results, setting it apart as a trusted partner for clients seeking top-tier solutions.

Provide clients with cost-effective and suitable solutions of high quality.

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Our Aim / Goal

Meet deadlines and budgets, aim for higher satisfaction by delivering superior products and services.

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Apply expertise to enhance conditions and boost competitiveness through tailored solutions and services.

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Deliver quality-based service to clients by excelling in all activities promptly and efficiently.

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Quality Policy

Dedicated to delivering top-notch services, consistently meeting project goals for overall client satisfaction and service excellence.

Our Achievements

1. Delivering successful Design & Detailed Engineering and Manpower Services across sectors since 1995.

2. Successfully deploying skilled manpower across disciplines to leading MNCs.

3. Effectively placing professionals in EPC, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Power, Chemical, etc.

4. Completing successful As-Built and 2D/3D projects for industries including EPC, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Power, Chemical, etc.

5. Currently engaged in coaching, corporate training, and student placements.

6. Recently launched our IT Division, specializing in IT staffing and talent acquisition.

Our Advisors / Motivators / Well Wishers

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D. K. Sharma

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J. K. Sharma

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K. S. Sharma

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Y. S. Sharma

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Asha Consultancy Services has established itself as a renowned leader in Engineering Consultancy since 1995, showcasing extensive expertise across a wide spectrum of industries including Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizers, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Glass, Steel, Cement, Manufacturing, Information Technology and more.

1. Design & Detailed Engineering 2. Manpower/Staffing Solutions 3. Information Technology Division At ACS 4. Corporate Training 5. AS-Built Plant drawings & 2D/3D Job Work 6. Corporate & Engineering Training and Placement services